Your Cycle is Sacred 

a women's cycle workshop, gathering, & certification

Our intention for this gathering is to create an interactive learning experience for women to develop an intimate relationship with their cycles. Each week we will gather online together for learning and discussion. On top of the live gatherings, you will receive a variety of reflective exercises for you to apply throughout each week. You will receive supplemental materials like a tracking journal, a cycle map, MP3 guided meditations for each of your different hormone phases, a digital copy of the BLOOD book, and even a moon ceremony video. By the end of the 4 weeks we know you are going to be just as passionate about sharing this information as we are, which is why after completion of the course you will be eligible to receive our Cycle Guide Certification! If you test out of the program, you be supplied with our Cycle Guide Teachers Manual, which will empower you to lead your own women's cycle workshops.

February 4th

Week 1


February 11th

Week 2

+ full moon
December 11th

Opening Ceremony

Our Sacred Cycles

The lost history of women

Tracking & mapping our cycles

Live Q & A


Inner Winter

New Moon 

Ayurveda & Doshas

Doshas & Our Cycle

Live Q & A

February 18th

Week 3


Inner Spring

Waxing Moon 

Inner Summer 

Full Moon

Live Q & A

+ honoring your
cycle as a mother or
working woman


Inner Autumn

Waning Moon

Cycles, Relationships, & Partners (our guys join us for this one)

Creating a Cycle Map

Closing Ceremony 

Live Q & A

February 25th

Week 4

workshop  breakdown

Uncover the magic and lost history of a women's cycle and her blood


Get back in tune with your body's natural hormone phases 


Learn how to balance your cycle and entire life through

the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda 

Transform your productivity, creativity, self-care routine,

and relationships by learning to map your cycle

Learn how to naturally reduce period pain, soften PMS symptoms, regulate your cycle,

and replace contraceptive birth control

Heal wounds around your womb, sexuality, or femininity through chakra psychology 


Meet and gather with other women, talk story, have ceremony, create art


*PLUS Become certified to teach and lead Cycle Workshops yourself!

Womb & Chakra Psychology

peak  inside  the  last  live  gathering...

"100% recommend! I have read quite a few books about menstrual cycles, but a lot of the information covered in this workshop I had never before heard, especially the information about the doshas and chakras in relation to our cycles. It felt so powerful to gather every week, and even though it was online, it still felt as though we were sitting in circle with fellow sisters. All the personal examples shared by everyone allowed me to understand how this information could practically fit into real life and aided in my learning. The vulnerability and wisdom shared by Leanna, Ash, and Meagan felt magical and womb healing, exactly what this course was about. Thank you! <3"
-Esmee Henstra
“I would definitely recommend this workshop. It is a true opportunity to nurture a deeper relationship with your body, your cycle and the earth.”
-Krystal Kirton

What  our past  Cycle Guide  graduates  are  saying...

"This workshop was so well laid out & full of beautiful information. Easy to understand, but so full of insight! Definitely recommend."

-Elizabeth Kier

“I want to recommend this to every woman out there! There is so much important knowledge in this course, and it empowers women to trust them selves again. To go back to their bodies, understand themselves and how they can make the most out of their lives. This course is a vital part of bringing back the feminine energies into our world to balance out the overly masculine system we live in. Thank you!”
Anne Liljedahl

Your  Cycle  Aligned  Life

A 4 week live-online women's gathering, cycle workshop, & cycle guide certification

Tuesday Evenings February 4th-25th 

Learn how to align your life with the natural rhythm of your blood cycle

 for only $147 

8 hours of live workshops 

4 hours of live Q&A 

Cycle Tracking Journal pdf

Cycle map art template

Spirit Woman Cycle Guide certification

*(must test out to receive certificate)

Cycle Guide Teachers Manual

+ BONUS moon ceremony video 

+ 4 FREE BONUS Inner Season

MP3 affirmation meditations

+ BONUS digital copy of the BLOOD book!

what you'll get

Your Teachers


Author of the BLOOD book

Founder of Spirit Woman

Author of The Inner Work

Inner Work Podcast Host

Yoga Teacher + Meditation Teacher 

Cycle Guide


Author of The BLOOD book

Founder of Spirit Woman
Spirit Mama 

Cycle Guide

Certified Doula

Yoga Teacher + Meditation Teacher

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